Grace Immanuel United Church of Christ
              "Roots of Tradition, Branches of Service"
1612 Story Avenue
Louisville, Ky 40206
     (502) 587-6190
                                 Ministers:  All Members
                 Church President:  Henry Wilbur
                                      Pastor:  Rev. Dr. Greg Bain
                    Musical Director: Kristen Hughes
                    Office Secretary:  Margaret Warner
Keyboard Accompaniment:  Connie Wilcox
                    Pastor Emeritus:  Rev. Gordon Seiffertt
                Organist Emeritus:   Naomi Furlong
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         Mission and Fellowship Opportunities
                     Grace Immanuel Kids - GIKs                                                  (Elementary Fellowship)
                Youth of Grace Immanuel  - YOGIs                                                  (Teen Fellowship)
          Grace Immanuel Mature Members - GIMMs                                    (Senior Adults Activities)

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Weekly Schedule
Sunday  -         9:00 am  -  Sunday School
                        10:15 am  -  Worship Service
                          7:30 pm  -  Recovery Meeting
Wednesday -  7:00 pm  -  Choir Rehearsal
Thursday     -   7.00 pm  -  TOPS Meeting
No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.  At Grace Immanuel, we believe that God is still speaking in your life and ours.
Empty Vessels Healing Ministry