We are an open and affirming community, following the teachings of Jesus. We seek God's will for today through an inner journey of spiritual reflection and an outer journey of engagement in community life.


Our worship style is relaxed, featuring music ranging from Bach to Bluegrass. We offer weekly communion to all who hear Christ's invitation. We honor the early traditions of the universal church, recognize the rites of all other Christian denominations, and actively support Christian unity.


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Rev. D. Houston Hall 

     He describes himself as a trans-denominationalist (his own word creation). Houston was born in the Southern Baptist tradition with a grandfather serving as a minister in Georgia. Additionally, his father was a layperson serving in local and associational leadership roles. From this foundation, as a Baptist, he ventured into the traditions of the Episcopal Church and the United Methodist Church before landing in the United Church of Christ.

     Most of Houston’s ministerial career has been as an Associate Minister with a focus on Education and Administration. He has felt the call and prepared to become an Intentional Interim Minister (IIM) with the belief that one of the primary roles of an IIM is to teach and facilitate the process of mourning as well as assist with finding the new vision for the congregation. For over 11 years he has been an Intentional Interim now severing in his 8th congregation.

     For over 16 years he has been a Trainer of Teachers for Our Whole Lives – sexuality and faith curriculum. He is trained in all six levels.  He has led trainings across the country.
     Houston has two daughters both living in the greater Atlanta area, and he is “Papi” to two wonderful grandsons and one granddaughter. He is the president and co-founder of Father’s of ONLY Beautiful and Intelligent Daughters. When not working he enjoys exploring new places, attending the theater, and is a Lego Maniac.