We are an open and affirming community, following the teachings of Jesus. We seek God's will for today through an inner journey of spiritual reflection and an outer journey of engagement in community life.


Our worship style is relaxed, featuring music ranging from Bach to Bluegrass. We offer weekly communion to all who hear Christ's invitation. We honor the early traditions of the universal church, recognize the rites of all other Christian denominations, and actively support Christian unity.


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Greg Bain, D. Min.


Greg is a native of Texas, but has lived in Louisville since 1977 when he and his wife Debbie came here for his seminary training. He has served Grace Immanuel as pastor since 1986, and has been involved in many community ministry and denominational endeavors, including Habitat for Humanity, United Crescent Hill Ministries, Kentucky Refugee Ministries, UCC summer camps, a German-American youth exchange, and the UCC Executive Council. He balances these pursuits with a love for cycling, kayaking, and live music concerts. Greg and Debbie have two sons, and eight grandchildren.

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